Food Coma- the Zürich Street Food Festival 2015

After a successful start in August 2014, the Street Food Festival returned to Zürich this last weekend of February. Whether you are into Indian curry, Venezuelan arepas, Polish pierogi or simply craving a red velvet cupcake, this festival will not disappoint. The entrance is free of charge and you can sample dishes from all over the world from one of the many picturesque food trucks or from over 60 food stalls located inside the hall. This can easily be my favorite festival in Switzerland so far!

The fair grounds in Giessereistrasse 18, Zürich

The fair grounds in Giessereistrasse 18, Zürich

It was packed!

It was packed!

Embracing the European culture, we biked to the grounds where the festival was held in Giessereistrasse 18. We found traditional food, like French fries, pulled pork sandwiches and sausages but we also discovered other amazing delicacies.

With so many options it was hard to decide where to start!

Beer! Belgium in the Haus Tacos Arepas  Mashed potatoes

One of my favorites was the Hungarian Lángos: deep fried bread dough topped with sour cream, garlic and grated cheese. Because everything deep-fried is delicious.

Hungarian Lángos

Hungarian Lángos. Need to learn how to make these.

Oh, and what about the Vietnamese sandwich? Sehr lecker!

Vietnamese sandwiches YUM!

Vietnamese sandwiches YUM!

Alexis loved the “Naan-which”, a sandwich made with garlic naan bread, filled with spicy paneer.There was also basil ice-cream topped with balsamic syrup and tasty coffee from Costa Rica.

Naanwhich Naanwhich Naanwhich tasting

Somebody was really excited about the red velvet cupcakes…

Red Velvet cupcake Red Velvet cupcakes Cupcakes

These kanelbullar may look like cinnamon rolls but they don’t taste like cinnamon rolls

kanelbullar kanelbullar

Some food stalls had longer lines than others, but they moved relatively fast. It’s important to bring cash and not to hurry. Food is meant to be enjoyed, so relax, take your time and enjoy! There’s an  ATM  conveniently located inside the Puls 5 building for those who forgot to bring cash or simply got excited buying food and ran out of it.

I don’t know who had the idea of bringing this festival to Zürich, but I wish I can meet him/her in person and give her/him a big hug! We are certainly returning, whether that’s next year or maybe sometime again in 2015, if they decide to do it again in Summer (hint, hint). My only regret? Not attending all 3 days in a row. But you live, you learn.

Bis zum nächsten Jahr!

Bis nächstes Jahr!





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